Artist Management

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT. Beginning as an artist himself in the early 90s, Bart Roy learned the challenges of paving a successful career. He has since been dedicated to sharing his experiences and knowledge with aspiring artists and songwriters. Bart has first-hand experience with production deals, where artist packages are prepared and presented to record labels in Nashville. These include artist image, bio and musical demonstration. From the start, artists should identify who they are and determine appropriate paths to success. For example, a song you love is not necessarily the best song for your voice… and if you can’t connect with a song, you can’t connect with your audience. BART ROY ENT can help you help yourself to be a better artist.

ARTIST MANAGEMENT. Personal managers give advice and counsel to artists in the following areas: 1. The selection of literary, artistic, and musical materials. 2. Any and all matters relating to publicity, public relations, and advertising. 3. The adoption of the proper format for the best presentation of the artist’s talents. 4. The selection of booking agents to procure maximum employment for the artist. 5. The types of employment that the artist should accept and would prove most beneficial to his or her career. 6. The selection and supervision of accountants and attorneys other than those used by the manager. -Krasilovsky and Shemel. “Agents and Managers.” This Business of Music.

Artist Booking and Management